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Causer Strength

 Meet Mike - Your Next Coach

Curious about taking your self to the next level? Then let's setup a call to learn exactly  how I can help you!

At Causer Strength, we're proud to introduce Mike, your dedicated Olympic weightlifting coach. With years of experience and a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and a personalised approach to every training session. Whether you're training in person or online, Mike's expertise and commitment to excellence will guide you on your journey to peak performance. Join us and experience the difference with a coach who truly cares about your progress and success.

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How do you get started?

Choose Your Plan: Browse through our program offerings and select the one that best fits your goals, whether it's the Group Program or the Individual Athlete Plan.

Create an Account: Register by providing your basic details and creating a secure account.

Initial Assessment

Setting Our Start Point

Complete the Questionnaire: Fill out a detailed questionnaire about your current fitness level, weightlifting experience, goals, and any specific needs or concerns.

Upload Videos (Individual Plan): If you’ve chosen the Individual Athlete Plan, upload videos of your lifts for an initial technique assessment.


Personalised Plan Development

Coach Review: Our expert coaches will review your questionnaire (and videos if applicable) to understand your unique requirements.

Customised Plan: Based on the assessment, you will receive a customised training plan tailored to your individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals.


Access Your Resources

Training Portal: Log into our online training portal where you can access your personalised training plan, educational resources, and community forums.

Resource Library: Explore a wealth of resources including video tutorials, training guides, nutrition advice, and more to support your weightlifting journey.

Getting to the Gym

Start Training

Follow Your Plan: Begin your training by following the detailed plan provided. Each session will include specific exercises, sets, reps, and guidance to ensure you are progressing effectively.

Track Your Progress: Use our performance tracking tools to monitor your progress, set goals, and celebrate your achievements.

Being Coached

Continuous Support and Feedback

Regular Check-Ins: For Individual Athlete Plan members, schedule regular check-ins with your coach to review progress, receive feedback, and adjust your training plan as needed.

Community Engagement: Engage with fellow athletes in our online community, share experiences, and get support and motivation from peers and coaches.