Eve Lo - BUCs National Champion

Eve Lo - BUCs National Champion

Eve Lo - Stellar Performance at the British University Championships

We are incredibly proud to celebrate the outstanding achievement of one of our strength athletes, Eve Loaf. Competing in the 55-kilo category, Eve delivered a remarkable performance at the British University Championships, setting a new personal best total and clinching first place.

Her composure and dedication were evident throughout the competition, held at Brunel University. Eve’s focused mindset and rigorous training paid off, showcasing her talent and determination on the platform. This victory marks a significant milestone in her weightlifting journey, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in future competitions.

The day was filled with excitement and pride, as Eve’s hard work and perseverance shone through. It was a fantastic day for everyone involved, and we couldn't be more thrilled with her success.

Stay tuned as we continue to support and follow Eve’s journey in the world of weightlifting. This is just the beginning of many more triumphs to come!

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