Ramiro Mora - Selected for Paris Olympics

Ramiro Mora - Selected for Paris Olympics

Lifting Hopes: Ramiro Mora's Journey to the Refugee Olympic Team

In the world of sports, some stories transcend the boundaries of physical competition, touching hearts and inspiring people globally. Such is the story of Ramiro Mora, an Olympic weightlifter whose journey from a refugee to an athlete on the prestigious Refugee Olympic Team symbolises hope and resilience.

From Struggle to Strength

Ramiro Mora's life began in a place marred by conflict and upheaval, leading him to seek refuge far from his native land. In his new home, amidst the uncertainties of life as a refugee, Ramiro found solace in the sport of Olympic weightlifting—a discipline that demands extraordinary physical and mental fortitude.

The Challenges of a Refugee Athlete

Life as a refugee brings myriad challenges, including adapting to new societies and overcoming the emotional scars of displacement. For Ramiro, weightlifting became a refuge and a platform for self-expression. Despite the difficult circumstances, he dedicated himself to rigorous training, using every competition to slowly build a name for himself in the sport.

Looking Forward

As Ramiro prepares for the upcoming competitions, his goals extend beyond winning medals. He is focused on making a broader statement about resilience, the power of community, and the indomitable human spirit. The Olympic stage will serve not only as a platform for personal achievement but as a spotlight on the potential within all displaced persons.

Join the Journey

We encourage everyone to follow Ramiro’s progress as he readies for the Olympics. His journey is a reminder of sports' unifying power and the critical importance of supporting those in search of a new place to call home.

Through his strength, both physical and emotional, Ramiro Mora not only lifts weights—he lifts the hopes of every individual facing the hardships of displacement, embodying the true spirit of the Refugee Olympic Team.


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